Take the Ultimate Road Trip with Honda Odyssey 2019 Touring and Elite


Road trips just got reinvented, with the new 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan. Now, you and your crew aren’t just getting from point A to point B… you’re enjoying yourselves on the way, perhaps even feeling a hint of disappointment when you reach your destination. While the clever engineers at Honda can’t pack your suitcase or snacks, they’ve thought of everything that you and your passengers could hope for once on the road. “Are we there yet?” has no place in the new Odyssey.

While all Odyssey models are loaded with fun features, the Touring and Elite are standouts in the road trip category. First of all, let’s talk about you: the one in charge. You’ve got a lot to tend to. Most importantly, what’s ahead, but you also want to feel part of the action too. Your CabinWatch rear seat monitor allows you see what’s happening in the back seat on your auto-touch screen – even in the dark. From up front, check out who’s doing their homework, getting sleepy, or making faces at passing cars. And if you have something to say, do so with ease, with CabinTalk. Plus, and on the Elite model, you can override headphones to be sure everyone’s listening. In the Odyssey, you can drive with the satisfaction of being in the know and in the mix.

The Touring and Elite models can entertain any crowd, with the Advanced Rear Entertainment System with a nicely-sized 10.2” High-Resolution screen with wireless headphones. And we’re not just talking about watching that same old DVD on repeat anymore. The HDMI port allows for the connection of gaming systems, and audio and video streaming apps mean that all ages can find what they’re looking for with the touch of a screen. With Honda’s CabinControl app’s Social Playlist feature, everyone can add songs to the Ultimate Road Trip playlist. As cell phones get a workout on the road, your own Mobile Hotspot through AT&T keeps data flowing. Perhaps even better, the Elite model offers wireless charging; just set your phone down on the charging pad and it’s ready to go.  

On the road, the little things that make a big difference. Spilled popcorn in the back seat? HondaVAC to the rescue, with a hose long enough to reach. Hands full with luggage, or your latest find from the roadside antique shop? The Power Tailgate allows you to open the back with the wave of a foot. Do passengers need more, or less, personal space? Easier access to the back? Just change the seating configuration in seconds with your Magic Slide 2nd-Row Seats. Because at the end of the day, you just want everything to be easier... and that’s not too much to ask!

Road trips are not only about making memories along the way, but about being in good spirits when your reach your destination. Whether traveling to a family celebration, a sports event, an outing with friends, a day of shopping, or any other adventure in the making, the Touring and Elite – and any model in the Odyssey family – are at the ready. A road trip is what you make of it, and we at Keeler Honda are here to help make yours fun for everyone.

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