March Snow Storm: Driving Tips!

After today’s snow storm, we’ve sadly realized that Winter is indeed not quite over! Here are some tips for driving in this Winter Wonderland:

No work today? School’s closed? Before you head out on the roads, be sure to clear all snow, ice or dirt from your windows, grill, headlights, tail lights, and especially your roof! Why? If there’s snow or ice piled on top of your vehicle, it can fly off and hit another vehicle and cause an accident!

If you suspect there’s black ice ahead: Don’t panic and don’t slam on your brakes! Take your foot the gas and steer your car in the direction you want to go. If you begin to slide, wait for your car to slow down and the wheels to grip so you can regain control of your car.

If there’s a snowy hill ahead: Don’t stop! Snow can cause tires to spin and lose traction, especially on an incline. If you’re journeying up a hill, try not to stop or you’ll risk losing traction. If you’re coming down the hill, take it slow! Be sure to leave at least 3 cars distance between you and the driver in front of you to avoid any accidents. 

If the snow keeps coming down: If the snow continues into the night, visibility on the road becomes an issue. Be sure if you’re heading out that your windshield wipers are working properly and can clear anything coming down from your view out the windshield. If needed, turn on your fog lights and consider using your hazards if you need to drop below the speed limit. 

Our number one tip: If you need to head out on the roads, do so in a Keeler BMW. BMW USA describes their xDrive system: 

Unlike other all-wheel drive systems, we've built xDrive, BMW's intelligent all-wheel drive system with rear-wheel bias for surefooted grip on slick or uneven roads, without sacrificing the feel of rear-wheel drive. It smartly sends power to the wheel or wheels with the surest footing—and it does so in milliseconds. That means under normal conditions, drive forces are spread out with a rear-wheel bias. But the moment the system senses excessive wheel slip, it subtly shifts torque to meet the changing conditions, offering maximum available traction and superior handling on all surfaces—despite the weather conditions.

As the roads are being salted and plowed, snuggle up by the fireplace and browse our Keeler BMW xDrive inventory online:

Happy Snow Day!

PS- The First Day of Spring is March 20th! Let the countdown begin!

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