April Showers


We all know the jingle, “April showers bring May flowers!” The dreaded rainy month is almost here and while we are excited for Spring and its beautiful blooms, we have to get through the rain first! Sadly, each year wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic accidents. Here are a few driving tips to read up on before you’re caught “singing (in your BMW) in the rain” next:


Goal #1: See and be seen. Before you head out in a drizzle or a down pour, replace wiper blades that leave your view streaky and don’t clear your windshield in a single swipe. Check to be sure all of your lights are working properly—headlights, taillights, break lights, turn signals-- so others can see you on the road!


Tip #1: Avoid cruise control. This feature works best in dry conditions. Stay in control of your BMW at all times in a down pour to prevent loss of traction incase you need to reduce speed quickly.


Tip #2: Just like when driving in snow, leave space between you and the driver ahead of you incase of hydroplaning. It only takes as little as 1.5 inches of water on the road to send any car in hydroplane. Tires have to displace a gallon of water per minute to keep the rubber meeting the road, according to AAA. At night, when road conditions are less visible, try and stay in the tracks of the car ahead of you to avoid the risk of driving into pooling water.


As Upstate New Yorkers, we have lots of practice driving in the snow. Just like driving in those whiteout conditions, you must also be extra cautious when driving in wet weather. AAA recommends to “slow down, avoid hard braking or turning sharply and allow ample stopping distance between you and the cars in front of you.”


Side note: Driving in the rain is no fun, but running from your car to your destination in the rain will ruin your day (we’ve all been here!). Be sure to keep an umbrella in your car to avoid having crazy hair or a wet suit in your next work meeting. We have great BMW branded umbrellas at our Keeler BMW Parts Department! Come see us before the “rain, rain rains (comes) down, down, down!”

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