What your MINI says about YOU

Are you in the market for a new MINI? Lucky you! MINIs are great, especially a Keeler MINI! Besides deciding which model to get, you also have the difficult task of… DECIDING WHICH COLOR TO GET! According to Bright Side, “color psychology suggests that we form preferences in color due to our personal traits or lack thereof.” So, when we choose a car the color we decide on reveals clues about who we are! Here’s what your current or future MINI’s color says about you!

Chili Red: A MINI enthusiast who chooses a red car for themselves is usually flashy, but could also be a classic. They are someone who enjoys life and has a zest for it. Traits these drivers possess are outgoing, fun, aggressive but ambitious. Are you a Chili Red MINI owner? How would you describe yourself?

Moonwalk Gray: Drivers who choose this color are typically classy, prefer comfort over showing-off, and are in favor of moving slow and steady to win the race. Their traits are shy, careful, easy to compromise with, but mature. Buying your first home? A 2018 Moonwalk Gray Countryman will fit the most boxes and it’s color screams “I’m mature and just bought my first home.”  

Melting Silver: People who choose cars of this color are usually very business-savvy and has an eye for all things upscale. They possess traits like innovative, practical, sophisticated, and sleek. If you consider yourself classy, opt for a silver MINI.

Island Blue: Blue MINIs project a light, friendly appearance. People who choose this color are usually lighthearted and easy to talk to and have traits like compassion, optimism, and honesty. With a name like “Island Blue”, this car is for anyone who strives for the laid back, tropical lifestyle.

British Racing Green: Are you a 90’s chick? The popularity of green cars in this decade, and people who choose them are usually powerful and strong-willed. They are also self-sufficient, patient, classy, and peace-loving. Go green with a British Racing Green MINI!

Midnight Black: Not only is black a slimming color, but it is also timeless. A black car also possesses other features of character as well: dignified, sophisticated, striking, and powerful. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, a Midnight Black MINI is your car.

Light White: A white MINI brings together impeccable style and a modern view on timeless things. It also suggests that people who choose it are pure, elegant, and are longing for a simpler life. Simply put, a Light White MINI will bring ZEN.

What does your MINI’s exterior color say about you and your personality? Not a MINI owner yet? We hope this helps you find a car that fits your style! To pick out your 2018 MINI Cooper, visit our website today: www.keelermini.com.

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