4 Stretches for Your Next Road Trip


Prepping for a long road trip this fall? When sitting in the car for long periods of time, it’s not unusual to feel achy when you finally get out to stretch. What if we told you there are some great stretches you can try before you take your Honda out on the open road for a trip? Continue reading to learn more.


Many people automatically think about their backs and legs when they’re taking a long trip, but don’t forget about your wrists! Because you’re pretty much using them the entire time, it’s possible for your wrists to become stiff or even frozen after hours of driving.

In order to fix this, try bending your wrists back and forward or carefully pressing them against the street wheel to stretch them out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find such a simple stretch can awaken your forearms and make you feel like you just got in the car!


Neck tension is basically a day-to-day issue many people deal with, but driving for long periods of time can definitely make it worse. To help relieve this tension, reach over your head and grab your left ear with your right hand. By doing this, you should feel a gentle pulling sensation in your neck and shoulder. Repeat on the other side and remember to breathe!


Now we’re really getting into the good stuff. Most people want to know how to relieve that achy and stiff pain they get in their legs and back from long car rides. Rather than dealing with the oohing and ahhing when you get out of the car for your first potty break, try this.

Get behind the car and press both hands on the back to form a right angle at your hips. Keeping your knees loosely straightened; press the heels of your hands into the car and the heels of your feet pressing towards the earth. You can expect to feel a nice (and sometimes intense) stretch straight through your hamstrings to your spine.


When you first get up after a long drive, your hips don’t lie about the pressure you’ve put on them for the previous hours of driving. Loosen those hips by lifting your leg onto the rear bumper of your car or on the floor of an opened passenger’s seat. Lunge forward onto the leg, keeping the knee over or behind your toes and the back leg reaching through the heel. For an even deeper stretch here, lift your arm up next to your ear and reach your body in a slight diagonal.

Follow these stretches during your next road trip and notice the difference! Your body will thank you later.

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