How to Transport your Groceries: 2018 BMW X5


Self Check Out: The latest craze at the grocery store to avoid long lines. They’re great if you have to run into the store for just one thing or if you do a full shop. But if you fill the cart and you’re doing self check out, you’re bagging on your own! What’s the proper way to load those bags so things stay fresh and don’t get squashed? Here are some pointers:

·      Place raw meats in separate plastic bags, as they have the tendency to leak. 

·      Pack fruits, vegetables and other ready-to-eat items together and away from raw foods--especially meats- in order to prevent cross-contamination.

·      Pack eggs separate from any foods you plan on eating raw, in case they crack.


So now that you have successfully loaded all your items into their appropriate bags, where should you place them in your car? Here’s where to put everything in your 2018 BMW X5 so you don’t ruin tonight’s dinner OR your new ride:

·      Raw meats: These grocery bags MAY leak. We recommend putting these bags on top of BMW All Weather Floor Mats, allowing for a quick hose-down clean up if a leak does occur. If your trunk has a BMW All Weather Floor Mat, great! If you plan on putting other grocery bags back there, we recommend separating them. Perhaps the floor behind the driver’s seat or on the floor in front of the passenger seat where you can keep the air conditioning flowing on raw items until they make it to your fridge.

·      Fruits, veggies, and ready-to-eat items: Where did the raw meat end up? The fruits veggies, and ready-to-eat items should NOT be in the same location! Invest in a crate (or simply a laundry basket!) to place in the truck of your X5 to hold delicate fruits and vegetables to avoid bruising and squishing.

·      Eggs: Nothing is worse than getting home and realizing you cracked an egg in your fresh carton. Where to keep it during transportation from the store to your garage? We have found that placing the carton behind the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat ensures crack-free travel. Keep them away from other items that can shift during travel and or fall from the seat above.

·      Breads, baked goods, and chips: The back seat is a perfect spot for these bags! Why? If you have to brake unexpectedly quick and the bags do shift and fall, they don’t crack the delicate items placed on the floor below.

·      Soda, beer, milk, and juice: These items are in the bags everyone dreads carrying inside after a shopping trip, especially if you’re apartment is up a few flights of stairs! When transporting, we recommend these ride in the trunk. If you have a family of 5+, you most likely have enough of these beverages to line up one-by-one across the width of the trunk. This will prevent the drinks from shifting from side to side during transport and sodas from exploding at home!


Ready for a trip to the grocery store? First, you’ll need a car to hold that entire shopping list! The 2018 BMW X5 is now bigger and more dynamic that ever before. It is the perfect car to transport the whole family’s grocery requests in. Come see for yourself at 1111 Troy-Schenectady Road in Latham, NY. Just one test drive will have you saying, “My Dealer is Keeler!”


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